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The internet and all of it applications have opened up an entirely new revenue stream that has never existed before. For example, companies now have an entirely new medium in which they can advertise to potential consumers of their products. Before, companies had been limited to television and magazines, but some products didn't really fit into either medium. However, with the internet, there are websites dedicated to just about every niche making it possible for companies to find sites to advertise on and cater to a particular group of people. Just like offline marketing has its own ineffective marketing strategies, online marketing has its fair share of bad marketing strategies also. I have no idea why these strategies even exist in the world of internet marketing, but some people tend to use them in their business thinking that it's going to work for them.
I've been involved with internet advertising for 10 years now and I can honestly say that there are a ton of marketing strategies that just flat out doesn't work. This is true in the offline world also. A lot of people don't like cold calling, and they have good reason for you. Similarly on the internet, a lot of people don't like starting a forum and putting up fake posts just to make it seem like their forum is active.But anyhow, in today's lesson, I want to share with you a few ineffective online marketing methods that you should avoid and not use at all. I have tried these strategies and have monitored their results, and not one of these strategies brought in 1 subscriber for me to my free email newsletter. So without further ado, here's ineffective online traffic strategy number 1:
1) Online classified advertising
The only people visiting classified advertising sites are other online business owners. You won't find targeted traffic at a classified site. Even those big classified ad websites who claim that they can submit your ad all over the internet doesn't work. I know they seem professional and all, but trust me, it doesn't work and isn't effective.I even went out of my way to buy this classified ad tool, and I submitted my ad into the software. The software said that it would send my ad to all of the major offline classified ad places in the US. But when I used them, and tried to see whether my ad was posted in the classified ad site or not, my ad wasn't listed. The only thing I got from that software was backlinks. But even those disappeared 30 days later as my ad apparently "expired".Let's take a look at another traffic strategy that is ineffective.
2) Spamming
This is a big no-no when it comes to internet marketing. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble spamming your ad into people's inboxes. Plus, almost no one checks their spam box on a daily basis. If anything, people are using the "delete all" check box to delete all of the spam in their spam folder. What do you hope to achieve with spamming everybody? If people would put as much work into something legal like they do with trying to scam people, they would probably be successful. But some people just don't understand this concept, and think that "fast money" is something that is easily attainable in their business. You should know that if you want to have success in your online business, you will need to create content and information that people can use to improve their lives. Spamming and other ineffective techniques will only waste your time, and won't bring you the sales and profits that you are looking for. Seek out new, effective ways to market your business online successfully.Good luck with avoiding strategies that aren't effective for your online business.


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