iPhone 4 GPS Navigation Options and Review

Have you been deciding between using your new iPhone 4 as your sole navigation device and having an actual built or aftermarket GPS navigation unit? This article will go through the iPhone 4 GPS navigation applications and comment on the functionality of the device as a navigation unit.

As the iPhone 4 has evolved from its predacessors, Apple has continued to ingeniously add design features to the device that satisfy or complement the lifestyle of every person. The most recent addition, which was debuted in the iPhone 3GS and improved in the iPhone 4, is the addition of a GPS locator and compass. By synergistically using these two components, the iPhone 4 can give the most real life navigation scenario possible. The new iOS 4 update adds the remarkable feature of allowing an application to run in the background, which solidifies the true navigation ability.

The iPhone 4 has several applications that have been introduced which the user can run to have a GPS navigation interface. Among the many applications that do this, MapQuest 4 Mobile, GPS Drive, AT and T navigator and Navigation 3DX are some of the most downloaded apps that allow for this function.

While the feature is very nice, are several caveats to this functionality. In order for the maps to be updated continuously, the user must be within a data capable cell phone tower range. If you are tracking across the country and end up in some rural areas without coverage, your GPS still operates on downloaded coordinates (which is quite nice), but does not allow you to see the street names ahead. Your coordinates are also lost should you choose to re-route out of cell range.

The benifits of having such a function is the portability of your iPhone and the likelihood of having the device at all times. With most drivers remaining in the city, just using navigation to find a point of interest or destination address, this feature is hands down amazing.

As the iPhone continues to evolve to the needs of everyday life, the device becomes more and more of a necessity than a privledge. With the addition of GPS, there is now no reason for an iPhone user to be looking down at the MAPS feature while driving; there is now a sweet voice telling you every direction in advance.


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