Best Cellular Phones in the United States

Since there are different kinds of cellphones available and almost all, if not all, look best for us, we decided to feature the best cellphones per category that are available in the United States.

In the American Flip Cell Phone Category, one of the best cell phones is the Samsung Stripe which features a talk time of 360 minutes, a Bluetooth, a 1.38 SAR level, and a basic camera. Its weight is 2.8 ounces and has an external screen.

Another best phone under the American Flip Cell Phone category is the Motorola w755. Its features include a talk time of 220 minutes, 70MB memory, a Bluetooth, 0.8 SAR level, and a camera with 1.3 megapixels. Other best phones under this category include LG Flare, Samsung Gleam, LG VX8360, Samsung sch-u740, Samsung u430, Sanyo Katana DLX, Sanyo Katana LX, Nokia 6085, and Sony Ericsson Z750.

Under the American Slide Phone category, the best cellphone is the Helio Ocean. The features of this cellphone include a 306-minute talk time, a support that is intended for MicroSD memory expansion cards, a camera with 2 megapixels, a full keyboard, and a Bluetooth. The Helio Ocean weighs 5.61 ounces.

The other best cellphones under the American Slide Phone category are Samsung t426 which comes second after the Helio Ocean; Samsung Exclaim, the Palm Pre, Pantech Matrix, HTC Fuze, T-Mobile Shadow, Sony Ericsson W760a, Samsung m520, and Kyocera Wild Card.

Under the American Texting Phone category, the most-recommended cellphone is the BlackBerry 8330. Its features include a talk time of 260 minutes, a support intended for MicroSC memory expansion cards with a maximum of 8 GB, 96MB memory, a Bluetooth, 1.54 SAR level, a full keyboard, a camera with 2 megapixels, and a Trackball which is its special feature.

The other best phones under this category are BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Curve 8310, Helio Ocean, Samsung BlackJack, BlackBerry Curve 8900, Samsung Exclaim, BlackBerry Pearl, Samsung sch-u740, Pantech Matrix, and BlackBerry 8830.

The other category is the American Bluetooth Phone category. Under this category, the best phones include Samsung Renown, BlackBerry Tour, LG enV Touch, Samsung Exclaim, LG Voyager, LG VX8360, LG Dare, Motorola ZINE, Samsung Omnia i910, Samsung Rugby, and Samsung u430.

Categorizing cell phones makes it easier for us to determine which is the best cell phone of all. What may be best for one person may not be the best for the other one, which means that we can't say that there is only one Best Cell Phone. There are several and the best one depends on the person.


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