Sex Offender Records Would Have Stopped

Great outrage certainly broke out of the atrocious Austrian incest case. Lots of stuff were swept out from under the carpet and brought to the fore for both the authorities and the public at large. Queries and posers in various areas are suddenly thrown up all at once. Austrian laws on sex crimes, culture, morality, civil rights, public system and psycho-effects and even genetics from the war era got relentlessly poked at.

To be sure, Austria is hardly an unreformed or backward country. It can stack up against just about any country in the developed world. As crippling as this monster of a body blow on their public system was, it will come to pass and hopefully not just the Austrians but also the rest of the world would have learnt from it and moved on. Josep Fritzl is a convicted sex offender, knifepoint rape. How then could they have so casually taken their eyes off him, where is the public safe-guard and protection?

With the heightened level of consciousness and awareness, perhaps it's timely to take stock of our own situation in the US. What are the chances of some sicko pulling off a Josep Fritzl here? Keeping our society safe, not just for the public but also for the sex offenders themselves, is a shared responsibility. The public has as much a role to play in it as the law enforcement and judiciary. We, the public, actually have more directly at stakes.

For whatever hindsight analysis is worth, it is reassuring to note that Josep Fritzl would have been nailed in the US. Having previous rape conviction, government measures would have mandated him onto a Sex Management and Treatment program, remained on Sex Offender Reports Registry list and registered all his whereabouts and activities, lifetime. He would have been barred and restricted from proximity of children, including his own, closely watched and any whistle blown on him by the public, received a great deal more attention than when Elisabeth (central victim) ran away but was presented right back between his jaws by of all people, the Police, not once, but twice.

So it seems Americans have better odds against the likes of Josep Fritzl. Before it gets all to our head, let it be reiterated that the onus to protect our interests and those of our loved ones is still ultimately on our own shoulders. Sex offenders love an easy prey, so don't be one. They bank on surprise so don't get caught. Show that you have done your homework and they will shy away, they are cowards after all. Be up to speed with the Free Sex Offender Reports lists in the neighborhood of you and yours. Run through all the relevant Sex Registries routinely. Habitually retrieve and scrutinize the Sex Offender Records of anyone who appears fishy. Better safe than sorry, all these are due diligence made easy nowadays.

Internet and computers have made it convenient, so there's no excuse to compromise lest we get caught with our own Josep Fritzl right at our doorsteps. Yes, check the Reports Of Sex Offenders Records of everyone you cross path with if possible. They can be accessed FOC (free-of-charge) from government and public information agencies. In the wake of the Austrian incest case, who is it to pull back? If time or bandwidth is a constraint, there are the professional record providers. These guys come up with pretty neat reports within minutes.


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