Sex Offender Database

The  Sex Offender Database is a database designed to inform the public about individuals convicted of a sex crime. These offenders are required to disclose their residence to officials. This information is very easily accessible on the internet. Thousands of people look at this information everyday. Their findings may affect their choice to buy a certain house or where to send their children to school.

There are many crimes that can lead to being placed on this list. The following are some of the most common crimes that can get a person's name placed on a National Sex Offender Database

Possessing child pornography
Child harassment
Child molestation
Internet harassment
Indecent exposure
Sexual assault
Anyone accused of one of these crimes is at risk of being put in the database even if the individual in question was wrongly accused. Sex crimes are not taken lightly in the courts, therefore placement on the list is a very common punishment. Anyone on the registry will have to disclose the following details about him or herself:

Date of birth
Physical characteristics
Internet aliases
A person on this list may see their everyday life change. They may be restricted from living in certain areas. Apartment complexes often only rent to those with a clear criminal record. Additionally, individuals on sex offenders registries often face harsh scrutiny from those around them.

Unfortunately, many innocent individuals find themselves on  Protect Your Family after being wrongly accused of committing a sex crime. If you have been wrongly charged with one of these offenses, it is important that you do everything possible to fight these charges and preserve your freedoms.


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