Look at HTC Sensation Operating System

One of the most important aspects people fail to appreciate is the operating system of the mobile phone. It is the one which makes the system run efficiently and helps to access different applications. HTC Sensation uses Android operating system of Google operating which is different from other types of Operating system. It is been used by popular mobile phone brands like Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc. Let's have a look at the Android Operating system used on HTC Sensation.

Newly baked Android 2.3 system of Google is used in HTC Sensation, this latest version of operating system is full of life when compared with the other types of operating systems. Newest Android 2.3 operating system can wow your friends and it has fantastic features when compared with other operating systems.

A key factor with Android 2.3 is you can download different types of application which are available online. Applications ranges from different games to software and it can be easily accessed from the online store of the manufacturer. It is one of the best future technologies present in a HTC mobile phone and as of now there are more than 210000 applications and the number of applications present in its online store is increasing day by day.

New OS on HTC Sensation looks cool with green, black and orange interface and it is aesthetically designed with user friendly interface. Few functional changes are also made in the keyboard to make it user friendly. It has improved cut, copy and paste feature that can be done with single press or quick drag option. You can easily enter symbols or numbers without changing any modes by just using the shift key. You can experience faster and easier way of keyboarding which makes performing different tasks easier at the same time.

Few changes have been made to lower the power consumption and save energy. It generally shuts off applications which consume more power automatically, applications which are idle for a specified period of time will be cut off and this is done ideally to save more power while using the mobile phone. It is one of the best features which not only saves power but also enhances the life of the battery.

There is a specialized application feature that shows the power usage of the mobile phone on the home screen and you can shut off any applications which consume more power without your knowledge. In addition there are other applications on the screen including quick connect, contact record, etc which allows you to make calls quickly without any hassle.


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