iPhone Applications That You Must Get in 2011

The iPhone application store is huge. People of my generation have seen it growing from nothing to a billion-dollar industry in relatively small duration of time. This list compiles some best-known iPhone applications developed so far:


This particular iPhone application keeps a track of distance covered while you walk, jog or run. A very useful app for fitness freaks, pedometer helps you achieve targets by counting the number of calories burned during a particular workout session. Highly appreciated by those who are conscious of keeping track of their daily fitness routine.


A London iPhone application development company rates it as a desirable tool for those who often dine outside. Tipper can easily calculate the tip amount according to the country, state or region you are at based on number of people attended, time of eating out, kind of service provided (good, bad or excellent) and the billed amount to give you a figure for the tip.


Though currency converter is now a standard mobile phone application but not many of them take into consideration the current currency trade value. This iPhone app takes into account over 95 currencies and is available in 20+ languages and is a great tool for people who have businesses spread across different regions and need a currency converter on their hands.


iDecode helps you to break down and 2D Code or Data Matrix from any ad in a newspaper or magazine and lets you know the price of your favourite dress instantly. It is a free-to-use application with over 2 million users worldwide.


TwitterVision was a featured application in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This iPhone app shows random tweets as they get posted around the world and uses Google maps to show the origin of tweet in the most innovative way.

Chase Mobile:

A classic example of technology made to make everyday life easy, Chase Mobile lets you scan and click front and back side of a cheque and the amount gets credited into your account within two working days. An amazing piece of work from the industry known not to be much technology savvy.


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