iPhone 3GS Vs Google Nexus One

Google has just announced that they are indeed going to release their own smartphone (that's the hardware) running on the Google Android mobile OS (that's the software) and this comparison is to find out if it really is an "iPhone on steroids" as the Twitter feeds call it. Or more to the point - whether or not Apple and the iPhone 3GS should finally be quaking in its boots.

The Google Nexus One, as it's been dubbed, has an capacitative touchscreen occupying the better part of its face (a la' the iPhone) with a scroll ball beneath it (re: scroll ball vs. track pad, we say choice of multipurpose navigational control is kind of a personal preference).

One thing that makes the Nexus One so hot is that it comes GSM unlocked, which means that you are free to use it with whatever wireless carrier you choose. Now isn't that a long-overdue sigh of relief? Uh, hello Apple? We're waiting (tic-toc, tic-toc)...That said, the Nexus One is only a GSM phone. That means no HSDPA (if that matters to you).

Also unlike the iPhone, the Nexus One will have a changeable battery. That's one of those little things that goes a long way with consumers (and reviewers).

One feature both the Nexus One and the iPhone share is actually a lack of a feature - a physical QWERTY keyboard separate from its onscreen digital one - and not a plus for either device.

Where will Apple (and unfortunately, AT&T) get the real edge on Google here? Price point, sadly. We don't know yet what the Nexus One is going to cost, but we doubt it's going to be any less than the deals Apple & AT&T are running. Also, Google is far behind in the apps department, and while this is not a statement on the Nexus One itself, it is a major selling point for the iPhone whose slogan has become "there's an app for that". It is hard to top versatility and functionality like that without 100,000+ apps of your own (Google's got about 1/10th that).

So the bottom line for now is that it's too soon to tell whether the Gphone can should have the iPhone quaking in its boots, but the Droid sure should be.

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