If Google Chrome Comes Along With iPhone

It is an impassionate question, is iPhone ready for Google Chrome? Will Apple cave on iPhone access while Google Chrome is going live for Mac? Google has finally launched its Chrome browser for Apple computers as a beta version.Till date iPhone is carrying Apple's own Safari.But in the age of mobile internet, iPhone should be a friendly place for other web browsers.

According to Internet users, this newly launched Google Chrome Browser is more popular just because of its high speed. The browser matters because it remains the key part of mobile application in terms of easy accessibility of communication. iPhone has been featured with lots of useful in-built applications. There are also wide ranges of third party applications that make iPhone more attractive among the enthusiast users,because Chrome on the Web matters less important than Chrome on the phone, in particular especially on the iPhone.

As Apple has its own approval process on iPhone, Google cannot be able to get its disruptive Google Voice iPhone application. Internet users use Google Voice to get free or nearly free local and long distance calls over the Internet connections using Google's telephone network. But iPhone users can access it through their handset. Apple has also yet to say whether it would allow Google Navigation on the iPhone. If Google Chrome comes along with iPhone, a large group of iPhone users might be interested in having it on handsets.

With Android coming on the scenario of mobile technology, its users become data hogs who are much more interested in viewing their handsets as mini computers. iPhone users also expecting such kind of application just like Android. If Google Chrome finally cracks iPhone, it would make a long chink in iPhone users.

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