HTC Desire Has Finally Arrived With Android 2.3

The introduction of the HTC Desire HD was magnificently announced by HTC. In London the whole world gathered around the newest Android Smartphone of HTC and a few hours later Google experienced busy times on processing the search term HTC Desire HD.

In this review we will reveal every secret about this mobile phone, put on the market by HTC as thé high-end smartphone of this moment. We could betray in advance that this mobile phone absolutely convinces. Why? Please read on.

Smooth design

HTC has given the phone a recognizable appearance. The Desire HD is at the same time smooth and substantial. At the front dominates obviously the enormous 4,3 inch screen. Besides at the bottom we could find 4 softtouch buttons for Home, Search, Back and Menu. So no trackpad. Neither a trackball. But with the instinctive and solid processing nobody is will miss this.

A beautiful, functional design is indeed important for a smartphone. But what the HTC Desire HD is really about is naturally the inside. Without the necessary computing you couldn't call yourself thé high-end smartphone of this moment. Just to be assured, HTC has made the Desire a real powerhouse. The 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor is the beating heart. HTC combines this fast processor along with up to 768 MB work storage. That is half more than the previous HTC Desire!

HTC Sense

But HTC wouldn't be HTC if they wouldn't provide the Desire with their HTC Sense interface. HTC Sense is an operating system making complete use of Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 and which is in addition optimalized for this phone. So it is kind of Android 2.2 or 2.3 covered with a HTC sauce.


Next to HTC Sense, the Desire can also make use of HTC With this online service you could manage your Smartphone via the internet. Handy? Yes!

You could for example lock it from a distance in case of a possible theft. Moreover it is possible to delete all your data at the same time. Have you lost the Desire? You just have to send via HTC a task so that the smartphone makes a noise, this makes it very easy to find it back. Or you send a message to the appliance so that a finder immediately sees where he could bring back your phone.


The HTC Desire HD is great. That is in fact the only sensible thing we could say after this review. The support for all types of media and network accessibility is excellent. The screen is big and nice and the performances are tremendous. Connect this to the fact that the the mobile phone is supplied by HTC with the on Android based HTC Sense Interface, with all possiblities you own something remarkable. And this newest HTC mobile phone only will get better by the addition of the large amount of (free) apps available.


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