How Much Do You Know About GSM Cell Phone

Cell phones are among the hottest selling consumer electronics items, and ePathChina offers a comprehensive and diverse assortment of phones to meet every consumer’s need.
Customers can easily find that phones offered in ePathChina need different working conditions. For example you can look at the below picture and know it work with GSM network 900/1800/1900 MHZ.
So what is GSM?
GSM is the short of Global system for Mobile Communications, and it is by far the most popular type of cell phone network in the world. Its ubiquity makes international roaming very convenient between mobile phone operators.
World GSM Cell Phone Frequency Regions
GSM networks have more than 3 billion users from over 212 countries and territories. It’s estimated that 82% of the global mobile market uses the standard. Subscribers can use their phones in many parts of the world.
Compared to the hottest topic ‘3G Mobile’, GSM is referred as a second generation (2G) mobile phone system. However, please don’t exchange your 2G phone to a 3G one right now, GSM has its special advantages.
The ubiquity of GSM is an advantage to both users and network operators. Users have the ability to roam and switch carriers without switching phones while network operators can choose equipment from any of the many vendors implementing GSM. GSM also offers SMS (Short Message Service), which is now supported on other mobile standards as well.
GSM Cell Phones
Another advantage is that GSM includes one worldwide Emergency telephone number—112. This makes it very convenience for international travelers to connect to emergency services without knowing the local emergency number.
Phones on have been divided into ‘Dual Band phone‘, ‘TriBand phones‘ and ‘Quad Band’. Tri-band and quad-band cell phones are two of the latest trends in mobile communications. Tri-band phones operate on three frequencies while quad-band cell phones operate in four frequencies. Most tri-band phones operate using a combination of GSM frequencies including 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Megahertz, and quad band cell phones utilize all four bands.
The frequencies of most GSM networks around the world are 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz(multiband mobile phones). When a cell phone can operate in more bands it can be used in more countries. While tri-band phones can be used in most countries, international travel may require a quad-band phone, because it provides the widest roaming coverage and can be used just about anywhere in the world.
To know whether your chosen phone from ePathChina can be used in your area or other places, you simply need to find out the GSM frequencies supported under you current SIM Cards’ Cellular provider, and match it to the specification of your target cell phone.


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