Google Launched Nexus S Phone and The New Android 2.3 OS

Google introduced the most recent version of the Android operating system along with a new phone equipped with the new OS. Google announced the release of Android 2.3 codename Gingerbread, the speediest version of the OS platform for mobile devices that includes a large number of improvements, such as a redesigned user interface, a new type of keyboard, online video calling, much better copy/paste functions, along with other new capabilities.

Gingerbread supports the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology: a short-range handheld technology, which supplies data within the device objects which have an NFC interface. According to the company, Gingerbread is going to be available as an open-source software in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

The very first phone Gingerbread OS enabled, introduced on the market on the same time with the new platform, wraps up the Nexus smartphones line. Nexus S originated from the collaboration with Samsung, and is featuring a 4 in. display of 800x480 px resolution, both front and back photo camera (the main camera is of 5 MegaPixels, 16GB of main memory, a standard headphone input, Micro USB connection and NFC chip (Near Field Communications). The new Nexus S smartphone uses a 1GHz speed processor, like the processor of the Apple iPhone 4.

The smartphone comes in the U.S. market from 16 December, and in the European countries will be available after 20 December. Google's Android platform appeared on the market in 2008, and at this moment over one hundred various mobile devices are using it.


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