Tips to Help Avoid Sweaty Armpits

Sweat is always directly related to your dietary habits. Hence it is always advisable to avoid pungent foods such as onions, garlic, fish, spices, etc. sweat does not necessarily mean smelling armpits. Odor becomes prominent because of the consumption of such foods in your daily diet. Hence try and avoid these foods as much as possible. Instead start consuming food which is soothing to your body and also for digestion.

Another handy way of avoiding sweaty armpit lovers is to rub small amount of malt vinegar on your armpits every night. You may wash off the malt vinegar the next morning. Then use some good and effective deodorant to give out a good odor. This can be practiced on a daily basis and is an age old method avoiding sweaty armpits.

It is highly possible that you may have tried a number of antiperspirants with no positive outcomes. However, not all antiperspirants are same and each one carries a different ingredient to avoid sweat. Hence try and check the contents of the antiperspirant and try the one that you have not already tried. For all you know, it might work on your condition. Antiperspirants which contain almost 20% aluminum chloride is said to work with people having problems of arm pit sweating. However, they are harsh on the clothes and may even spoil them at times. This kind of antiperspirant can be procured from the local pharmacist. The best way to apply this solution is by lying down flat on your bed. Though it may sound ridiculous but the fact remains that the solution can only work when there is no sweat dripping from your body. When you apply this solution, it will close the pores of the sweat glands and hence stop armpit sweating. Also, make sure you cover the application area with a plastic film. It is recommended to wash off the solution in the morning and then leave a gap of at least 28-24 hrs before re applying the same.

Also, the best way to avoid sweat is to keep your armpits clean. If you have women with armpit hair, shave off the hair and try and clean your armpits with clean water every now and then to avoid the spread of bacteria. But make sure, you do not apply antiperspirants/roll on directly after shaving as there are chances of your skin getting some red sore marks.

Start by applying the solution every night, but once it starts showing the results, you can reduce the count to every alternate night and then gradually take it down to only once or twice a week. Some of you might be suffering from sensitive skin problems and hence the solution might create some skin irritation. If such symptoms persist, apply 1% hydrocortisone cream. You can restrict the application to twice a day and must not be used for more than 2 weeks time.

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