It is safer for us by calling with cell phone

Faced to the lighting, media will also give us some tips and dedications for avoiding. What is a common one here is: do not answer you calls when it rains, it is better for you to turn off you mp .They also gives us some examples to proof it. But if it is really that calling mp will get alighting attack? Mp also called lineless phone which like has a close relationship with electric lines .There is a lot of electronic equipment in it, will "uncle lightning "give him off? This micro electronic equipment is operated by the buttery and receiving microwave then it can work with a little current. The degree of the wave it can produce is one of the hundred thousandths of the lightning. Fit can not arise the attention of the lightning. A mp which is several CMs can not add your height and bring you a risk to be attacked by lightning. Some people think that the phone will take the initiative to "seduce" Thunder on the grounds that mobile phones use electromagnetic waves will ionize the air to increase the conductivity of the air. In fact, this will not happen, just said, mobile phone radio wave energy is too low, the wave band does not have the ability to affect the air conductivity. In general, the higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the stronger ionization. High frequency of strong cosmic ray ionization of air, the sun's ultraviolet air ionization can also produce ozone. The slightly lower frequency than visible light to ultraviolet light can not do this a little. Lower the frequency of mobile phone radio waves. In terms of ionizing the air, it just soy sauce. To justify the use of mobile phones and being struck by lightning there a relationship between the two, in addition to exploring the physical principles behind, but also allows figures to speak, sufficient statistics can be convincing. If you want to look at this problem comprehensively, we should consider the same number of four tongue twister: 1, how many people use mobile phones when lightning was struck by lightning; 2, how many people did not use mobile phones when it thunders, he was struck by lightning; 3, how many people use mobile phones when lightning, but was not struck by lightning; 4, how many people did not use mobile phones when it thunders, nor been struck by lightning ... ... Many people believe that the "mobile phone Triggered Lightning" is often only pay attention to the first number, while ignoring the last three digits. Some victims simply been struck by lightning while using cell phone case, no matter how vivid description was, how wonderful, can not fully justify the use of mobile phones and was struck by lightning is a piece of string between the connected. Not so much these few examples can be cited to explain mine phone, as that these examples prove more popular use of modern mobile phones. In the U.S., the media on the "mobile phone close contact with the thunderbolt," the continuous reports, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's expert had said in public that all cell phones and small metal objects will not attract lightning, when it was lightning in a cell phone hit just because they stood at the wrong time wrong place (discount cell phones). However, the brother of mobile phones - wired telephone situation is not true (unlocked mobile phones). Answer the fixed line telephone during a lightning storm that also increases the risk of lightning. Phone lines will be connected together outdoor and indoor, outdoor and indoor objects is easier than being hit. But if the tlecommunication equipments aer attacked,it will be dangerous nto the phone users .So shouled or maybe it is abetter choice to use mp rather than using a furnishen one.


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