Cell Phone Recycling Tip - Bead Up the Old Cell Phone

Teenagers like to get sparkly things, especially if the things grab the eye of the other girls in school. What more can they ask for, it doesn't matter if the phone is old or new, the more beaded up it is, the better. This writer was fascinated by a project done by teenage girls to glamorized their recycled mobile phones. A group of artistic and inventive teenage girls did this project by beautifying old phones that were handed by their parents. The cell phones need to be fixed or reconditioned to ensure that it would work well. The parts that can be sold in mobile phone stores or online can be replaced by an experienced technician for a little fee.
After all these, the RECON phones are pretty much new, the one thing is that it will probably look drab for young ones. How can this be fixed? Embellish the phones with colorful beads and glitters. You can stick beads which are made for cell phones or just regular beads with a glue gun. The shiny beads, some of them are actually Swarovski crystals, could be artistically added to the old cell phones. Immediately, a staid black or dark navy phone can become a pink crystal phone. There are actually quite variety of internet sites online that offers instructions on how to beautify your old phones. There are even loads of designs which could be easily followed. The right set of materials need to be available so as to finish this simple project.
As a matter of fact, there are others who make the crystals around the screen light up if there is an incoming call or message. There aren't any brand new phones that are fitted with these features! Now is the time to try this out and turn your old mobile phones into fashion a statement. This can even be good conversation pieces too. You are not only saving a lot of money but this can be also one way to unleash your creative side.


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