Cell Phone Recon Review - View Texts and Calls, Track Phone with GPS

What is the Cell Phone Recon?
Cell Phone Recon is covert monitoring software that allows you to view all phone calls, text messages, and emails sent or received from any smartphone. After you've installed the software on the phone, you can view the phone data from any web browser, and never have to touch the phone again.
In addition to logged phone data, Cell Phone Recon also tracks the phone's location via GPS, which you can view on Google Maps. This can be used to locate the phone if it is lost or stolen, or if you just want to check and see where your kids are at.

Installation and Operation:
Installation is straightforward, and takes less than 5 minutes. First, you set up your account online with a secure username and password, and the license key that is printed on the Cell Phone Recon device. After you've set up your account online, you have to install the tracking software on the phone itself. To install the software on the phone, you just type in the URL into the mobile browser on your phone, and click "install". This is the only time you'll have to touch the phone.
After you've installed the software on the phone, there are no traces that the phone is actually being monitored. There are no popup windows, notifications, or any other alerts that might alert the user that all of the text messages, phone calls, and email messages are being transmitted to the secure control panel for you to view.

Viewing Logged Data and GPS Location:
Whenever the user sends or receives a text message, phone call, or email message, that information will be instantly transmitted to the secure control panel for you to view. You'll also be able to see the GPS location of the phone when any of those activities took place. So if you texted your child asking where they were at, you could find out if they were actually at the place they said they were at.
In addition to seeing the GPS location every time one of the logged activities takes place, the GPS location will also be sent to the control panel every 15 minutes if there is no phone activity, so you can tell where the phone is at even if it is not being used. The phone does have to be powered on in order to transmit this information, so if the phone has been turned off, it will not send or receive data until it is turned back on.
In addition to being able to view the phone data from the secure web control panel, you can also download the data to spreadsheet format, so you can keep records of all phone activity.

Operates in "stealth mode" for covert monitoring
Records all incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and emails
View GPS location of the phone on Google Maps
Works on almost all major smartphone brands and cellular networks
Unlimited tracking data for 5 years (no monthly fees or charges)
View Logged data from any internet browser

Does not work on the Apple iPhone
Cannot transmit GPS location data if phone is turned off

The software works on most Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian phones. Currently is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Apple iPhone.

Overall, the Cell Phone Recon offers a diverse set of monitoring features for your smartphone. With the ability to monitor every single phone call, text message, and email message, and log GPS location data, the Cell Phone recon software is a powerful piece of software for smartphone users.

Legal Disclaimer:
Cell Phone Recon can only be used to monitor a cell phone that you either own, or on which the user has given you permission to install the tracking software. Before using this software, make sure to check all applicable local, state, and federal laws in your area to determine the legality of using this software in your jurisdiction.


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