What to Look for in an Android Phone

Before, when you talked about Android phones, people would furrow their eyebrows and wonder what you're talking about. But, nowadays, Android phones have become more and more popular because of their powerful, attractive, and user-friendly features. But, just like most cell phones, Android phones are not all the same. Each model offers a different set of features because of the phone's open-natured platform. When shopping for a new Android phone, here are the things that you have to watch out for.


Most of the leading carriers offer Android phones. Selecting the right carrier is even more important than selecting the specific phone type. That is because, even if you have the best Android device, it won't be any good if the carrier provides lousy service for you to use. Always, remember that even the big carriers may have dead spots in some of their coverage areas. Knowing these dead spots is key to your purchase, because you don't want to buy something that offers a poor signal in the location where you live.

Find out which carriers will work best for you, taking into account the location where you are residing or where you are most likely to be often in. You should also ask around for recommendations among family and friends who make use of Android devices. Moreover, you can ask the carrier for a trial period that will allow you to return the phone and get out of the contract with no charge if the reception is not something that satisfies you.

4G Service

Another thing to consider when getting an Android phone is the 4G service. Some carriers offer high-speed 4G networks, which is essential, since Android phones were the first phones to run on these speedy networks. Buying an Android phone without a fast 4G connection would be like not buying an Android phone at all.


Design may not be as important as functionality and features, but many buyers consider this when buying a phone. They like cell phones that look stylish and fashionable. Some are more practical and would want the design of their phone to fit with their current lifestyle. For instance, those who are always on the go would rather buy a more portable device than a bulky and heavy one. Moreover, you would want to look at the phone's keyboard. Some offer a full QWERTY keyboard while others are only touch-screen devices. While touch-screen devices look suave, they don't necessarily offer the same level of usability as the full-keyboard cell phones.

Other aspects of the designs to examine include the screen size and resolution. Some phones offer big sized screen measuring from 4 to 4.3 inches. These are ideal for those who have difficulty reading through small screens. It's also essential to get an Android phone with a high resolution to get crisp and clear display. Before buying, try the phone while still in the store to see how the screen's resolution works out for you.


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