Samsung Galaxy S Plus Brings More Speed to Bestselling Android

The original Galaxy S was released in the summer of 2010 and quickly went on to sell several million units making it the biggest selling Android smartphone of all time. The Galaxy S is still prominently on display in most phone shops, right alongside the latest phones on release. Even so there have been a number of developments in the many months the Galaxy S has been on sale, with most of these developments being incorporated into the latest Galaxy S2. But as the original is still such a highly popular device Samsung decided they have not done with it just yet and have given it a little makeover to make it even more appealing to today's phone market.

The S2 features a dual core 1.2GHz processor but this is not one of the upgrades made to the Galaxy S Plus. Even so, the updated Galaxy S does come with a faster 1.4GHz processor that makes it even speedier than the original phone. It also comes with Android Gingerbread out of the box, as the original Android Éclair running smartphone was only updated to this at a later date.

The Galaxy S Plus has also seen an improvement to its 3G connections with double the speeds of the original, making it a much more enjoyable device to go online with. This can be felt when browsing the web (with Adobe Flash support), checking your emails or just fooling around social networks like Facebook.

In most other respects the Galaxy S Plus remains the same excellent phone that was released back in the summer of 2010. It comes with the same physical design and the same excellent 4" Super AMOLED screen that is fantastic for video content and web browsing. The Galaxy S Plus supports a wide range of music and video formats, including online video content from YouTube. It also comes with access to Android Market where you can get your hands on some great games and apps to enjoy.

The Galaxy S Plus also comes with a great 5 megapixel camera that you can use for taking fantastic photos. This comes with an LED flash and features such as geo-tagging and also comes with excellent 720p video recording support. Photos and videos can also be uploaded to share online with services such as Picasa and Facebook.

The Galaxy S Plus comes with excellent Wi-Fi including DLNA support. DLNA can allow you to stream the visual content of the phone on a larger television, and this can also be achieved through HDMI. Through these connectivity options you can enjoy things like video content from the Galaxy S Plus from the comfort of your living room.

At a superficial level the Galaxy S Plus seems to be the same phone as the original Galaxy S and with a sequel now on release some may wonder if this still retains the same appeal several months on. But as the Galaxy S is still a highly popular device the increase in processing power and data connection speeds is surely only going to make it even more popular, especially as this updated version will be cheaper than the top end Galaxy S2


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