Motorola Atrix Features the Raw Power of a Laptop

The Atrix was the first dual core smartphone to see release in the United States where it also came with speedy 4G connections. The Atrix has already been beaten for the status of first dual core phone in the United Kingdom as it has come a few months after the release of the LG Optimus 2X, which saw release later on in the United States as the T-Mobile G2X. It has also lost its 4G support for the UK market as the country does not currently possess a nationwide 4G network of any kind.

Although the Atrix has been demoted to a 'mere' 3G for the UK this should not be any reason to be turned off by this fabulous Motorola smartphone. Along with being one of the most high powered smartphones on the market, thanks to its dual core 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, the Atrix is also unique for coming with a number of additional docking ports that make this a phone that is so much more than just a phone.

The laptop docking port for the Atrix allows you to transform the Atrix into a fully functional laptop device complete with its own windowed multitasking operating system known as webtop. Webtop is not contained on the laptop device itself as it is stored on the Atrix, and in fact the laptop device derives all of its processing power from the Atrix smartphone, which can be inserted into its rear. Once the Atrix is removed the laptop dock becomes a lifeless shell.

Similarly the Atrix comes with a multimedia docking port which can allow you to transform the Atrix into a multimedia hub. Once the phone is inserted the hub will load a menu screen on your home computer whereby you can browse through the music, video and picture content contained on the device. This provides an additional means of connecting the phone to a television on top of the excellent DLNA Wi-Fi and HDMI, which are also both high class features.

Even if you do not opt for these peripheral devices the Atrix is one of the best phones when it comes to entertainment. It supports full 1080p video playback on its 4" capacitive screen which is one of the first phone screens to support a qHD resolution. This multitouch enabled screen is ideal for games and apps from Android Market as well as enjoying HD video content either from the phone or online services such as YouTube.

The UK Atrix is not 4G as already mentioned, but it does come with high speed 3G and Wi-Fi connections on offer. These connectivity options make it perfectly suited for web browsing, email checking, instant messaging and use of social networks like Facebook. Facebook and Twitter are also integrated into the phones Motoblur interface that comes on top of the Android Froyo operating system.

The Atrix is a highly charged phone and this is the first instance where a manufacturer has considered their smartphone to be powerful enough to operate a laptop like device. It is interesting to see these peripheral devices in use and if they fully catch on they could become a much more common site amongst smartphones. For the time being though, the Atrix is the only phone to enjoy such fantastic extras


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