iPhone Mobile Phone Is the Best Seller

The moment you mention the stubbornness of iPhone fans, many people will think of the funny VCR of HTCE EVO and iPhone4. In my opinion, iPhone mobile phone is probably the most amazing commodity which is born to have less good quality than other mobile phones, but it's top seller among other mobile phones. If you have to find out advantage of iPhone mobile phone, it can only be the thousands of application programs provided by app store. Well, these programs can just applied in the commodities which are manufactured by Apple. Actually, this is disguised monopoly. iPhone mobile phone is always the best sellers in the world.
Once upon a time, orchestras required instruments. Then computers reproduced the sounds of symphonies. Now, band geeks are playing iPhones.
Stanford University's newest ensemble is called Mopho, short for Mobile Phone Orchestra. Its conductor, a veteran is obsessed with making electronic music as mobile as possible. "The iPhone holds a lot of potential for what kind of music can be made and how it can be made," Wang says.
In MoPhO's first show at January's Macworld, 10 iPhone players rocked the intro to "Stairway to Heaven" wearing fingerless gloves with Altec Lansing Orbit speakers sewn in.* Wang envisions a day when they'll perform dressed in speakers from head to toe.
We have noticed the spending power brought by fashion once more. Just depending on the first iPhone's groundbreaking operating system and simple design style, they have already got so many consumers. Although the appearance of iPhone basically has no change, even other mobile phones' appearances are more artistic, there are still a large crowd of iPhone fans appealing to iPhone. This is an unreadable success of sales. It not only brings the success of Apple commodities, but also give impetus to the revival of many software developers and accessories manufacturers. We all know that when we buy an iPhone mobile phone, we are not willing to just pay for a phone. To protect the expensive and delicate iPhone, you need to buy different iPhone accessories at least. The economic profit brought by them satisfy various brands merchants as well as the wholesale electronics dealers. Some inferior and out of technology leather cases also become luxury goods. This is positive for the imitation suppliers like Topons to some extend.
It centainly brings fine economic efficiency, but consumers turn out to be sacrificial lamb, what they deserved is just vanity and fanaticism.


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