iPhone 4 Case Benefits & Why You Should Buy One

If you're one of the millions of people around the world who have managed to scoop up the hot new iPhone 4 , you're now probably trying to decide if you should purchase an iPhone 4 case . Cases are a good idea for any cell phone, and especially for the iPhone 4.

First of all, there's the famous "reception" issue that we've all heard about . With the iPhone 4's antenna and dropped call problems widely reported that the new iPhone 4's have, it is important that you have some sort of cover to shield the antenna from from the wildly famous "death-grip" problem that has been reported in the media . The basic iPhone 4 bumper case that Apple is now giving away will solve that problem for your iPhone , however there are countless third-party Apple iPhone 4 cases that are better looking and offer more protection for the rest of the Apple iPhone as well.

The biggest benefit of having an iPhone 4 case, is to protect the new Retina display screen and overall body of the iPhone. . The iPhone 4 is a very attractive phone, with a smooth and sleek design, so avoiding scratches and scruff marks is important. Moreover, while the new iPhone 4 is a pretty durable phone, care should be taken not to accidentally drop or crack the screen, so a good case needs to be able to protect the phone from scratches as well as act as a shock absorber to protect the functionality of the phone, and protect the touch screen from scratches and cracks.

Since it also has a camera, you should also take steps to safe guard the camera lens from dirt and scratches as well. A good iPhone 4 case will have a clear covering that covers the screen as well as the new HD video camera lens, without impeding the use of the HD camera.

All external buttons and plug in ports should be sheltered from dirt and debris too. A common problem is dust, pocket lint, sand and all sorts of debris getting into the accessory port on the iPhone. Once the connections in the port get embedded with dirt, the data cable, charger and other accessories no longer work. An effective iPhone 4 case will protect the iPhone from such dirt and debris, so you don't have to worry about these things causing unwanted issues with your new iPhone.

Another important benefit of an iPhone 4 case that you may not have thought of is style and individuality. The Apple iPhone 4 itself is a stylish and sexy phone, but since there are only black & white versions available, they all look the same. A cell phone case can be a very eye catching and attractive accessory and can express your individual style and personality.

In summary , an iPhone 4 case is a must for any iPhone 4 owner. An iPhone 4 case can solve the notorious reception problems ; protect the investment of the iPhone and even make a fashion statement all at the same time.


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