The Future of iPhone mobile application development

An year back, no average person on the street knew the definition of ‘apps’, but now the same person has a lot of fun with his iPhone and apps in it. iPhone has been a treat not just for its users but even software and application developers across the world making way for a new profession in the form iPhone mobile application development.

How it all began?

Apple launched the iPhone a year or two ago and it praises pouring from all sides. The phone was sophisticated, stylish and highly functional. But, the phone was more than just one great gadget! It had a powerful impact on the application developers and their way of functioning. Soon, iPhone mobile application development became a side-job and soon, a major segment of the software development industry.

Apple broke the barrier of bestowing power to companies, instead, it chose to empower the software developers itself. The apps, which are basically, web interactive iPhone applications could be developed on a SDK-software development kit (which can be availed from their official website) and could be sold in Apple Store on a profit-sharing basis by individual developers or companies involved in iPhone open application development.

After the success

Apple released a statement, which stated that it has crossed the one-billion mark of downloads of applications that run on iPhone and that just goes to show the power and impact of open source software development. That’s three times more than the population of United States put together. A one billion download with not even 70% of market penetration! There exist many people who are not yet aware of iPhone!

Other companies aren’t far behind exploring this new trend. The global leader in mobile phones- Nokia will soon come up with Ovi Store, a marketplace for applications. BlackBerry, Motorola and Samsung too are expected to come up with something similar in the near future. Apple has the advantage of being the vanguard of this trend, but analysts speculate that Nokia with its sheer market power can put behind Apple in this segment, if all goes well for them.


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