Don't Miss the Best Android Phone in 2011

Android phones have been a great hit to the smartphone market with its friendly touch and interface. 2011 might be the year that mobile searches online overtake traditional internet searches from a desktop or laptop. Although high end smart phones from world leading phone manufactures come with android but all of them are not equal so what do you look need to look in an android phone. Now, Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance collaborated on Android's development and release, and come up more and more Android phones, like Google Android Phone, Samsung Android Phone, Google G1 Android Phone, Alienware Android Phone, and Agora Android Phone, etc.

The outstanding feature of Android phones is cool browsing experience. Android's browser has the quality, ease and speed which is far above other mobile browser.With the Android phone, you will feel how easy it is connected with the various options that exist on the homescreen, such as bluetooth switch of/off button for battery's energy saving on the homescreen. Owing unique homescreen, Android phones' widgets will directly connect you to your desired application like facebook, etc. Besides, the PC connectivity of Android Phones is excellent, which allows you to access the SD card in a ‘drag and drop' way. When connected to a PC, SD card on Android phone can do copy / cut + paste all kinds of files.

Ranging from various Android Phones, how to pick the best one you like? There are a few tips for you.
Firstly, Choose a Android phone with features you need. The style of the outlook of the phone including a full touch screen phone or a physical QWERTY phone, which one do you prefer? Then select a phone with your favorite weight and size. You should know the memory capacity you need to store music, videos, and photos, which requires higher internal memory storage or the ability to add expandable memory storage. Try to get a device which supports multitasking, which allows you use voice and date simultaneously. If possible, find an application with handling 4G technology.

Buy the Android phone that is objectively one of the best, or you'll probably regret it. Papatek Android phones is a good choice for you.


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