Apple iPhone 4 Comes with FaceTime and Retina Display Technologies

The huge amount of interest that was originally created by the Apple iPhone is something that is kept alive even today by the subsequent versions of the Apple iPhone that has been launched by Apple. It has made possible by the introduction of new features that were not only keeping up with the changes in the technology, but also creating new technologies as well. This meant that the interest in the iPhone 4 still remains the same it as it was for the previous Apple iPhone 3GS and so on. It is something that is partly responsible due to the impressive styling of the new iPhone 4.

It will be coming with an all-important plastic case that will be restricting scratches and will also be making the phone very light to handle. In fact, it is one of the slimmest phones that is available today and will be having a total thickness of just 9.3 mm. This coupled with the 137 g weight of the phone means that you will be having quite a handful when it comes to the features only and not in the actual weight of the phone. This unbeatable combination has meant that the iPhone 4 has been able to introduce new technologies without having to worry about the weight of the phone. One technology, however, which would have been allowed by many to add to the weight of the phone will be the retina display technology that has totally changed in the way that we used to perceive about the mobile phone touch screen display.

This will be coming with the capability of introducing a maximum resolution of 960 by 640 pixels within the touch screen display, which means that you will be able to enjoy all the best of high definition movies as they should be. Further, playing the full high definition movies is something that will be available exclusively for the powerful tablet PC and the laptop industry, but it will be finally available in the mobile phone industry as well via the iPhone 4. This phone is going to be offered with a 1 GHz processor that is extremely fast, which also explains the reason for the introduction of the multitasking feature into the phone after a long time. The multitasking feature is something that was available only with the iOS 4.2 update, which speaks about the performance being offered by this powerful single core processor.

The iPhone 4 is also going to come with the five megapixel camera that will be finally stopping the talk of the quality of the camera being used in the iPhone models. It is going to be a camera that is going to be equipped with a number of options beginning with the HD video recording option and ending with the LED flash option. Along with this, it will also be coming with a front camera that will be making use of the FaceTime application. The iPhone 4 is a phone that is currently available in the UK for £ 510


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