Top 5 features to seek in the BlackBerry phones

BlackBerry phones are having the huge popularity over all other brands when it comes to the high end business class handsets. But the point is that among the large number of features in these gadgets what do you actually need. Apart from the availability of the Cheap Blackberry Phones deals, here are few major points that should be brought into consideration before purchasing a BlackBerry handset.
Touchscreen – Touch based navigation is the need of the present market as along with this the user gets another dimensions of user interface. But there are still a great number of users who are not comfortable with the touchscreen. For them the correct combination will be QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad/trackball/touchpad based navigation. In case you are willing to have the touch effect then go for the
TFT capacitative screens as they have been testified by almost all the users of BlackBerry products with high ratings. The best combination will be the BlackBerry Torch 9800 with the QWERTY keypad as well as TFT touchscreen.
Processor – If you are in need of a fast processing smartphone then go for the high speed processing upto 1GHz for the ultimate power of the processing. But this high speed of processing is always not needed. If you are not going to run multiple number of applications then go for the medium processing speeds. This will surely decrease the cost of the handset to a large extent. The Bold series does provide you with the high speed processing but in case you are not sure about it, then go for the Curve series handsets.
Memory – Everyone wishes to have the largest possible memory for the handset. Internal memory is useful for the high speed data transfer on your handset as well as with wireless data transfer between various handsets and other devices. But in case you are having financial constraints then go for the handsets with the lesser internal memory but which can be extended later via external micro SD card.
Networking – All these BlackBerry phones are well designed to fulfil the needs of the users for the high speed internet surfing as well as downloading. For this the major prerequisites are EDGE, GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi.
Miscellaneous – Apart from all these the battery backup should be invariably high so as to run all the applications for a long time. The messaging and chatting functions should be present in order to give you the 24x7 connectivity with the world.
Along with all these BlackBerry phones the major breakthrough in the world of mobile computing will be soon made by the Blackberry Playbook. This will be surely the most sold tablet of all times. With the large touchscreen, faster processing, large internal memory and all other latest as well as futuristic features, people are eagerly awaiting for this technological sensation.


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