Sony Ericsson Zeus z1 vs LG Optimus 2x – Battle between the leaders

Sony Ericsson Zeus z1  &  LG Optimus 2x  both these mobile phones has some similarity but there are certain distinction which makes them different from each other product wise.

Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 & LG Optimus 2x both are one of the premium category mobile phone from the house of Sony & LG respectively. There are several mobile phone operators in the market who are offering mobile phones deals in the market such as Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 deal & LG Optimus 2x deal. There are several types of mobile phone deals in which several operators like Vodafone, Three Mobile, T-Mobile, O2, Orange & Virgin are offering  Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 contract deal,  Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 pay as you go deal,  Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 sim free deal & other deals like LG Optimus 2x sim free deal, LG Optimus 2x  pay as you go deal & LG Optimus 2x contract deal. There are several contract deals in which the operators
are offering  Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1  and LG Optimus 2x along with several free gifts with some other benefits like Free talktime, free texts, free internet, free line rental for few months, free connection, free handset and many other add ons.

Now if we compare between  Sony Ericsson Zeus z1  vs LG Optimus 2x then we can find that  Sony Ericsson Zeus z1  vs LG Optimus 2x is almost similar when it comes to the deals like LG Optimus 2X Orange is equally popular with Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 Orange but when it comes to the product features then there are several distinguishing features which makes  Sony Ericsson Zeus z1  and  LG Optimus 2x different. There are several other factors which makes  Sony Ericsson Zeus z1  vs LG Optimus 2x  favorable like the price of the product, color of the product, availability of the models etc. If we compare  Sony Ericsson Zeus z1  vs LG Optimus 2x  feature then we can find that as far the screen resolution is concerned LG Optimus 2x  has an edge over Sony Ericsson Zeus z1 whereas when we talk about the sound system then its quite clear that in this aspect Sony Ericsson Zeus z1 has an edge over LG Optimus 2x .


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