Nokia N8 Delivering An Hefty Punch!

Actually 2010 was not a particularly positive year for the Finnish mobile phone veteran. What with the likes of HTC Desire and the innumerable Blackberry smartphones eating away majorly into the market share that was hitherto enjoyed by it. And it was the arrival of its flagship phone device, the Nokia N8 that turned things to the more happier side for Nokia. Nokia N8 proved to the world that Nokia can go well beyond the line of more conventional and run of the mill smartphones and bring out a true world beater. Nokia obviously saw to it that the Nokia N8 does not get labelled as just another Nokia mobile phone with nothing unique or new to offer.

To begin with, Nokia totally removed any fears of yet another sluggish and not up to the mark operating system by opting straitaway for the Symbian^3 operating system. This was a move that at one stroke made Nokia win half the battle. The rest was simple. Simply stuff as much as higher end smartphone goodies into
the Nokia N8 as is realistically possible for it to do so. The veteran mobile phone company made sure that only the best and very best gets into the Nokia N8. The outcome is for all to see. For its display touchscreen, Nokia shed its preference for the resistive types and went boldly for a OLED enabled capacitive touchscreen. At 3.5 inches wide, the Nokia N8 simply makes even the most insipid of visuals gleam helped by the 360 x 640 pixels resolution.

The 1 Ghz processor takes care of instilling life and energy into the various functions. Of course, the show stealer still is the mighty 12 mega pixel camera device. Incidentally, the Nokia N8 happens to be only the second smartphone handset to carry a 12 mega pixel snapper. The rest was actually easy for Nokia with some value for money Nokia N8 deals ensuring that this magnificent phone handset also is sold at cheap prices like so many other Nokia mobile phones.


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