Nokia N Series - The handsets with Impeccable quality

Nokia is the world's largest mobile phone maker, not merely in the context of bringing out maximum number of handsets. Even on the front of the quality of handsets, they are leading the pack. The company has a long range of handsets, and the N series commands an exclusive place altogether. At the same time there are many other series of handsets brought pout by the company like E series, X series and many others. Nokia N series Phones are known for the kind of feature specifications they bring to the table.

Some of the well known handsets in this series are Nokia N73, N95, N86, N96 and N8. Talking of these specifications these phones, they come loaded with functionalities like Carl Zeiss optics, which come added
with the high resolution digital cameras. The digital multimedia features of this seres of mobile phones superb gaming gaming specifications, high speed Internet access, high quality music playback, superior camera features that include imaging and video services. These features apart the mobile phone deals offered by the networks in these cases add a lot to the charms of these.

Among all these, Nokia N8 is the latest smart phone to talk about. The major features of the handset include touch screen display and full QWERTY key pad. But, what distinguishes this one from the rest of others is its 12mega pixels camera. This is the USP of this handset. This is 135 grams handset and measures 113.5*59*12.9 mm in dimensions. That way it is one of the few handsets with such kind of superb features. The company is just in the process of expanding the series by launching the Nokia N9.

With the launch of N9, the company has brought out a new leader in the smart phone segment. This one and all the other N series phones come with the latest deals. The primary deals include contract deals, pay as you go deals and Sim free deals. Among these three the contract deals  offer mobile phones with   free gifts. These free gifts are offered along with a contract that go for variable periods of 12, 18, 24 months or even more in some cases.


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