Motorola Xoom Will Be Among the First Dual Core Tablets

Even though the Apple iPad is one of the hot selling tablet PCs of all time, it is definitely not the best Tablet PC that the money can buy today. This is because the success of the Apple iPad has made a number of manufacturers launched their own Tablet PC versions and Motorola has been one company that has also announced a tablet PC. It will be the Motorola XOOM that this going to mark the debut of the company in the tablet PC segment and it is really a great product to begin with.
This is because it will easily become the most high-profile and wanted tablet PCs of all-time. It is not only extremely powerful, but it is also extremely feature rich. Yes, it is also one of the very few Tablet PCs that can better the Apple iPad in terms of features and everything else. It will be having a 10.1 inch touch screen
display and this is a marketing ploy from the company at a time when every single Tablet PC that is getting launched is coming with 7 inch displays. The obvious advantages of having the 7 inch displays have been explained at various points of time, but the presence of the 10.1 inch has many advantages likewise. One of the major ones that you can clearly see is the lots of room that you have to work with.
Space is certainly not a luxury that is provided by the 7 inch display, but it is provided by the 10.1 inch display. Also, the fact that it is a capacitive screen makes it really wonderful because you will be able to do other multi-touch actions on an even bigger scale. The presence of the dual core 1 GHz processor and the 1 GB of RAM mean that is quite possibly the fastest Tablet PC that is currently available. It will be running the Android 3.0 version, which is the tablet optimised version of the Android 2.3, which was recently launched by the company. Apart from being better than the Apple operating system in every other feature, it is also highly efficient at making use of the lots of power at its disposal.
The efficient use of power has meant that apart from running the operating system, this processor can also be used for playing full HD games and full HD movies. The Motorola XOOM is expected to be coming with three different memory versions like the Apple iPad. The 16 GB version will be the smallest available and the 64 GB version will be the top range model. The 32 GB version sits just in the middle of both these models. The Motorola XOOM will be coming with a five megapixel camera that has dual LED flash at the rear. There is also a secondary camera that can be expected from this tablet PC, which is already gripping the interests of people. This tablet PC will be launched in the UK in a short while.


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