Motorola Atrix Set to Add a New Dimension to Phone Industry

It is not take long to realise that the absence of the dual core processor in the mobile phone industry has been the reason for the industry to be suffering from the sluggishness. However, with the launch of the Motorola ATRIX, it is all set to add a new dimension to the industry due to the presence of a fantastic design as well. It has always been the trademark of Motorola phones and the Motorola ATRIX certainly does not disappoint in this regard. The large touch screen display in the Motorola ATRIX will certainly boost to the appearance of the improved performance in the phone.

It is a display that measures 4 inches in size. It will be using technologies like the finger print reader and the gorilla glass display. Apart from these technologies, one thing that will be important to the buyer has to be the
resolution and the Motorola ATRIX is nothing except being excellent in this regard. The maximum resolution will be 480 x 800 pixels and this makes the live widgets that are present in the phone due to the MOTOBLUR user interface look extremely bright and crisp. The introduction of the Motorola ATRIX along with the dual core processor is something that will make a huge difference when it comes to the running of the Android operating system percent of the phone. Even though this has a very powerful processor at its disposal, it is going to come with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system only.

This is a slight disappointment, but the Android 2.3 operating system is expected to be available in the Motorola ATRIX very soon afterwards. This is probably the right operating system that will suit the powerful processor and Motorola are working frantically towards offering this new operating system into the Motorola ATRIX as soon as possible. The five megapixel camera in the Motorola ATRIX is quite good for proper photography along with some high-end videos. You will not normally find such features in high-end smartphone, but to be coming in the Motorola ATRIX is the incredible aspect. The dual core 1 GHz processor is the main reason that the Motorola ATRIX will be able to handle all the power demands of the operating system and the application that is going to be present in them due to the presence of this powerful processor.

The 1080 p video recording option is currently not available in the Motorola ATRIX, but it is one of the features that will be available in the phone by future updates. It is expected to be the saviour of this segment because of the fact that the Motorola ATRIX will be one of the handful phones coming with this feature. The Motorola ATRIX will be powered by a battery that is rated at a whopping 1930 mAh. It is an incredibly powerful battery that is probably the right battery for this amount of features in the phone. The Motorola ATRIX is going to be coming to the T-Mobile network from June.


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