Motorola Atrix Has More to Offer than Just Raw Power

Even though there have been plenty of phones that have been launched in the past few years which have been truly amazing in terms of features, the Motorola ATRIX is probably the one phone that you will be deciding to own finally. This is because it not only has quite a lot of features when compared to the other smart phones in this segment, but it also has the advantage of being the first commercial smartphone to be having dual core processors. This new phone from Motorola is expected to be extremely powerful at running the Android operating system and it is mainly due to the presence of this powerful processor.
As mentioned previously, the Motorola ATRIX is not all about power. Instead, it is also about a class and it shows its class with the 4 inch touch screen display. It is a display that will also be having fingerprint reader in order to enhance the security of the phone. There are also features like the scratch resistant display. The use of the touch sensitive controls beneath the touch screen display means that you will be getting a lot of user
friendly touches from the phone. Due to the presence of the Android operating system, the Motorola ATRIX will be coming with its own user interface, MOTOBLUR. This user interface will also be coming with plenty of live widgets to make the usage of the phone pleasant.
The Motorola ATRIX will be coming with 32 GB memory card support and this will be in addition to the 16 GB of on-board storage that will be coming as default. So, you could be potentially ending up with a phone that will be having a total of 48 GB in memory. Even though there are plenty of smartphones that will usually slowdown when you fill up the memory, the Motorola ATRIX is not one such phone due to the presence of the 1 GHz dual core processor. It is also due to the presence of the massive 1 GB of RAM. Hence, the Motorola ATRIX will be coming with double the size of RAM that is seen in other smart phones in this segment. This is one of the reasons for this spell bounding performance within the compact dimensions of the phone.
The operating system that is expected to be used in the Motorola ATRIX will be the Android 2.2 operating system. It will not be getting the Android 2.3 operating system initially, although there will be the option to upgrade it later. Even if you upgrade, you will not be able to enjoy the facility of recording the 1080 p videos in the five megapixel camera. It will be still coming with the 720 p video recording option, which seems to be the only disappointment in a great package. The Motorola ATRIX will be officially launched in the UK with this phone after it was displayed at the CES 2011 to a great media attention.


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