ǂMobile Tracking Software Spouse Spy

Mobile Tracking Software Spouse Spy

(information extracted from the Mobile Telephone Spy Website)
Is Spouse Spy Any Good?
Spouse Spy is a popular mobile phone spying and tracking software program mostly because it is one of the few that do not have any monthly, recurring, fees. With spouse spy $79 gets you full on restricted membership for a full year. For a reasonably low price spouse spy as many if not more of the spying features than even the most expensive cellphone spying memberships include. about the only downside we see to spouse spy is the list of mobile phones that it is compatible with is limited to Blackberries, Androids, and Iphones, unless they have recently upgraded the phone list to include other operating systems.
The exact features that are available with Spouse Spy include:
  • full details of all phone calls sent and received including the phone number, length of the phone call, and the time of the phone call.
  • Full details of all text messages sent and received including the phone number, the time, and the exact text message.
  • Feature-rich GPS tracking which is viewable on Google maps from any web browser. The location of the person holding the cell phone gets updated minute by minute so you know exactly where the target phone holder is going in when they go there.
  • Unrestricted access to the target cell phones phonebook.
  • The ability to view all incoming and outgoing e-mails.
  • Any website that is visited with the Smart phones Web browser is viewable.
  • All photographs taken with a cell phone can be viewed by you.or her
  • Any videos captured can be viewed by you.
The phone's that Spouse Spy will work on:
  • Blackberries
  • Androids
  • IPhones
Spouse Spy Satisfaction guarantee policy:
60 days guarantee of satisfaction


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