The Great New Xperia Neo From Sony Ericsson Excels At Still Photography

Since the early days when home electronics giants Sony merged with mobile phone superbrand Ericsson, the resulting handsets have been renowned for the superb quality of the in built digital camera facility. The brand even released a "Cybershot" range of phones, the same name that was given to their specialist range of dedicated cameras.
The latest model that has been added to the ever expanding Xperia line up of models is the new Neo, and once again the still shot feature eclipses what can be found on many rival models. So what is the difference between the various different resolutions on offer, and just why is the camera on this phone better than what can be found on other models?? Cast your eye over the spec of many mid range phones, and more often than
not the camera will boast a resolution of 5 mega pixels. The mega pixel rating refers to how many million pixels the device can capture, with a pixel being the smallest part of a photograph. Thus the more mega pixels, the more true to life the photo appears. It is however all to easy to be sidetracked by this figure, if you only want to view photographs on the phone screen, in fairness 3 million pixels is ample, it is not until you expand this image for display on other devices or printouts that the figure becomes more crucial. Either way, the Xperia Neo boasts an 8 mega pixel rating, meaning if you want to view the snaps on your 42 inch plasma or print them out enlarged, the quality remains perfect.
Any camera relies upon a range of other features not only to enhance the photograph, but also to aid the actual taking of the photo, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo is no different. Most importantly perhaps given the abscence of physical camera controls, the phone features an autofocus. This does exactly what its name suggests, and focus on whatever fill the centre piece of the screen, ensuring clear snaps, even when they are taken in a hurry. The Neo can also decide when it is best to actually take a photograph thanks to smile detection. This system activates the shutter as soon as the subject smiles, rather than you relying upon your own reaction, and inevitably capturing the image to late when every bodies eyes are closed. It is all well and good having these feature, but in order to store a reasonable number of snaps, ample storage is needed. Despite having only a limited internal memory, the phone does offer a micro SD card slot, accepting cards up to 32 GB and coming supplied with an 8GB one.
The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo proves that it is not only a high quality phone, but also a great camera, ultimately reducing the number of units the user has to carry around with them.
The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and the Palm Pre 2 are available now.


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