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If you are into hip-hop, you can get all the latest Lil Wayne ringtones online. For those of you who are not too familiar with this superstar, here's little information about him. His real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jnr. He started is career in America as a rapper and adopted the stage name Lil Wayne.

He was a former member of the Hot Boys before signing up as a solo artist with the Cash Money Records Company. Today, Lil Wayne is one of the hottest hip-hop artists of the 21st Century. His songs are loved and played in every corner of the globe. Because of his popularity, it's not surprising to hear cell phones ringing out his music everywhere.

In fact, his ringtones have even shot to the Number One spot on the Billboard RingMasters Chart. This follows the many No. 1 singles that have topped music charts around the world. One of the most popular
tracks right now is 'Knockout'. This ringtone was recently released and it has already in staggering demand.

Knockout is a track on Lil Wayne's latest album called 'Rebirth'. It catapulted to the Number 10 position on the iTunes Top Songs chart. The album is his seventh. What makes 'Rebirth' different is that it marks his debut into rock music. Although there are some hip-hop tracks, the album is predominantly rock.

The album was released in February 2010 and, if record sales are anything to go by, it seems his fans just love it, especially 'Knockout'. This awesome track is climbing the singles charts everywhere and has become one of the most popular downloads on ringtone websites.

You can get this ringtone in less than 2 minutes by simply signing-up and following the website's links. Most ringtone sites work with all international mobile phone carriers. Why wait? Join the millions of 'Knockout' fans and let your cell phone keep you rocking.

Another favorite Lil Wayne ringtone is 'Lollipop'. This song has remained one of the hottest sellers in global charts ever since it was released in March 2008. It still has a high ranking on the Billboard RingMasters and iTunes charts. The fact that it has remained on the highly rated Billboard and Canadian top 100 listings for more than two years is further testimony to the song's popularity.

'Lollipop' is the first song on the 'Tha Carter III' album. Within a week after release, it took No. 56 position on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart. A month later, it rose to 4th place on the Billboard Hot 100. 'Tha Carter III' was Wayne's 6th studio album and it featured performances by Corey Gunz, Hurricane Chris, Kidd Kidd, Lil Mama, Mack Maine, Jibbs, Tyga, Kanye West, and Shannell.

Now, two years down the line, 'Lollipop' is getting so much air play on international stations that it has become a classic in its own right. If you want to add this to your Lil Wayne ringtones, try and find a site that offers bonus tones of other top artists when you sign up.


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