Blackberry Curve Touch- Will Be Out Soon In The Market!

The Curve series of Blackberry phones is probably the most famous of their line-up. The Curve phones do not leave out any normal functions of Blackberry as a full QWERTY keyboard, which has made this series popular among mobile users. Now Blackberry is ready to add a new dimension to the series of the Curve of the phones with the launch of a touchscreen phone in this series. If done well, then it will become the most demanded touch-screen phone, combining the best of the best Blackberry with a touchscreen phone. The phone is rumored to be preparing to launch and is named as Blackberry Curve
blackberry-curve-touch-m-2024.jpgThe phone can be a touchscreen phone with midrange, but the characteristics that suggest otherwise. There are some images that were leaked on the Internet that shows a representation of the look of the touchscreen Blackberry Curve Tourch. Based on these images, it is easy to say that the new BlackBerry phone will not deviate too much from the usual look of the BlackBerry, but definitely going to have a certain taste to it. It looks more like the normal sequence of the Blackberry Curve phones without the full QWERTY keyboard, which has been replaced by a touchscreen. The touch screen on the Blackberry Curve Touch is expected to be an inch by 3.25. It is unclear if the touch screen can handle multiple touches by virtue of being capacitive.
With respect to the screen, only the numbers of resolution have been held by the timing and touch the Blackberry Curve Touch will have a maximum of 480 x 360 pixel resolution. It runs on BlackBerry OS 6.1, which not only set to make its appearance in the Blackberry Curve Touch, in other models too. This operating system will be managed by a Qualcomm processor at 800 GHz. There will be up to 512 MB of RAM, which should provide plenty of processing power.
Micro-SD support seems to be the vanguard of the memory capacity larger than the Blackberry Curve touch is rumored to come with. Despite the phone's internal memory is expected to be around only 1 GB, it is expected that with the support of up to 32 GB memory card. The biggest difference between this phone and other BlackBerry models is the lack of a full physical QWERTY keyboard, which has been replaced by a virtual QWERTY keyboard. Therefore, this phone is not strictly for the employer to use the keyboard much, but for the entertainment lover who wants a big screen.


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