Business Plan

If you're in the beginning stages of purchasing a franchise business, you no doubt know the importance of creating a business plan. A Business Plan Template is the most important document for a franchisee - or any business owner for that matter. It is a reference that includes specific and pertinent business information regarding projected sales, marketing goals, franchising strategy, competition and many others.

Before starting a franchise business, you must first organize your plans and answer any questions that may be asked in order to outline the efficiency of your franchise's internal operations. If there are any creditors or investors from which you are seeking financial assistance, a business plan can provide them with the specific information they need to see how effectively your franchise will be operated.

Include highly detailed information in your business plan. Outline your goals and objectives and answer the questions of Why and What. Why do you plan on entering the franchise world? What do you expect from this franchise opportunity? Goals and objectives concisely explain your motivations for becoming the owner of a franchise business.

Also include your financing plans. Purchasing a franchise is not cheap, and some of the well-known franchise businesses cost a significant amount of money to own. Outline your plans for financing, including where your money is coming from. This is important for creditors and other investors to see. They will know exactly how much of a stake you and other investors have in the franchise. Be sure to include a plan for repaying creditors and loans in this section of your business plan.

Finally, be sure to detail your edge over your competitors and explain why you will be successful running a franchise business. Discuss the market need for the product or service you plan to offer through your new franchise business and explain in detail how you plan on gaining new customers and beating out competition.

A franchise consultant can help you draft your business proposal and Sample Business Plan, as well as help you narrow your focus so you can find the right franchise business for you. Purchasing a franchise business is a decision that should not be made lightly, so discuss all of your options with a professional franchise consultant first.
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Cheap bulk SMS

SMS is now considered the de facto communication, advertising and marketing tool. The reason is because SMS is cheap, quick and convenient. It also guarantees timely delivery which is so important in today's competitive times. Basic SMS is more often than not used to communicate within a small group of friends, colleagues or family. It is a fantastic personal communication tool. But bulk SMS is altogether a different ball game. It is a way of sending a common message, typically Ad campaign to thousands of mobile phone subscribers, to popularize products or services quickly.

Bulk SMS is a cheap way to promote business. The cost of SMS platform is dropping to astonishing levels. Cheap Bulk SMS is becoming popular even with small business enterprises. Today, there is not a single industry which is not utilizing bulk SMS service. Everyone knows the limits of email marketing and other digital marketing platforms which invariably cost a bomb and require technical people to get the desired results.

Bulk SMS is sent with the help of web based software, desktop application or email plug-in which is provided by bulk SMS companies.

SMS in its basic avatar has some inherent limitations. It is typically a one way marketing platform which lacks the functionality to receive a response or feedback from the recipients. Short Code, a subset of SMS fulfils this gap. It allows recipients to interact with the marketers by responding to their messages. This is typically done via short codes.

Subscribers are charged at premium rates while responding to short codes. Short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers which are easy to remember because of their catchy format. For example a number like 565656 is difficult to forget. These numbers along with keywords allow recipients to send back messages. Typical application areas include voting during reality shows, song request on radio programs, product feedback etc.

Here is how short codes work. Imagine a television reality show asking viewers to vote for their favourite contestant. As a viewer, you simply need to type VOTE, name of the contestant and send it to 565656. Now isn't that easy?

Short codes are available in two flavours, shared and dedicated. In shared version many marketers share the same number. Messages are typically identified with the help of keywords. In dedicated version only a single entity is allowed to use the number.

SMS or short message service is a feature which is built into a mobile phone to send and Text Messaging; not exceeding 160 characters. It is one of the most popular and discreet way of communicating with friends and colleagues. The procedure is quite simple; compose a message, select the recipients or attach a group of people and send it. Your message is instantly delivered via SMS gateway to respective numbers. In case of overload the messages are queued in SMSC centres before despatching them.
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Nokia C2

If you like slider phone then check out the new mobile handset launched by Nokia, called the Nokia C2-03. The Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM (Hot Swappable) phone with good features at an affordable price running on the Symbian S40 Operating System.If you like slider phone then check out the new mobile handset launched by Nokia, called the Nokia C2-03. The Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM (Hot Swappable) phone with good features at an affordable price running on the Symbian S40 Operating System.

Mobile users in India seem to like the touch and type feature and since the Nokia X3-02 and X3-01 mobile phones did exceptionally well most new phones that are launched by Nokia continue offering this feature. The Nokia C2-03 is a touch and type phone you can input data using the resistive touch screen and / or with the alphanumeric keypad. . A good news for dual sim users. .If you like slider phone then check out the new mobile handset launched by Nokia, called the Nokia C2-03. The Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM (Hot Swappable) phone with good features at an affordable price running on the Symbian S40 Operating System.

Nokia C2-03 Dual SIM slider phone features 1.There is not so many pros of nokia c2 03 phone. But its cons are many. The best advantage of Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone is, its price is cheap. .

2.The Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone sports a 2.6 inch TFT resistive touch screen. The maximum resolution supported is 240 by 320 pixels (QVGA) with 65K colours. .

3.Still camera is good. still camera can able to deliver you a good quality photo. we can use 2 mega pixel camera as for our daily life needs. Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone camera do better. .

4. Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone handset comes with 10 Mb of internal memory and supports 32 GB of microSD / SDHC cards.

5.The Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone comes with 1020 mAh Li-Ion BL-5C battery which gives a decent talk time of 5 hours maximum and standby time of max 400 hours.

6.Nokia Maps comes preloaded but is available in selected countries. You will need to check if the Nokia C2-03 box pack does say so. Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone does not come with a built in GPS but the Maps work using network based location information.
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Networking and Security in 2012

The computer: the gadget that changed our view of the world around us, the information which we are surrounded by, and the way we experience events, either directly or directly. The amount of information available on the internet is larger than any library in the world, and we can get all this information through a few simple clicks. The amount of different programs is also more than impressive, and today it is no longer a question of how to obtain an application, but which applications do we want from all those we have to choose from.

In the twenty-first century, we are entering a period in which data is transmitted wirelessly. Technology, like the rest of the IT industry, is developing rapidly and has come up with new standards and adopted more modern methods that enable greater wireless speeds and ranges while costing much less. In the not too distant future, we can expect a lot more wireless systems in every location, connecting the home, office, and even large factories. Wireless network technologies represent a new form of network communication will be even more advanced in the future. These networks of the future will outpace today's wired network systems both in terms of speed and security.

As the new networks are constantly being upgraded, the equipment becomes more sophisticated. The software and security systems are also progressing, although the threat to security still persists everywhere around us. The Internet is a medium that allows anyone to go from appearing to be an ordinary web surfer to a hacker in just a few moments. These hackers can jeopardize very important information and even destroy someone's life.

The prices of laptops with wireless cards are now very affordable and are constantly falling; hence, it is very easy to find wireless networks. Of course, this means it's also easy for attackers to find a way to get into the system and steal someone else's Internet traffic, or, more importantly, data. Various studies related to the security of wireless systems has shown that almost fifty percent of users are on unprotected networks, which confirms the fact that users are not aware or educated of the dangers of wireless networks.

Another concern is the fact that many small businesses are be completely unprotected, which malicious users can very well use to their advantage, and the owners of these systems are not even aware that the customer information and confidential documents can leave the company through this unlocked door.

However, even using a system of protection for your computer is not hundred percent secure, but using a system with an incredibly strong encryption system may significantly slow down the network, a trade-off many businesses and users won't or can't make. We can only hope that future standards will bring faster and more secure systems in which users will be able to rely on the system's protection and really use wireless networks without worry. Safety is important, and the only right decision for your computer is to secure your network. Wireless networking has become part of our lives, but again, we must be careful about what and with whom we share our information.
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Samsung Google Nexus S

The Samsung mobile is now a rage in the country with more and more people preferring the Google Nexus s to the other brands in this segment. This is a pocket friendly Smartphone that has got great design and comes with smart features to attract all age groups. The phone is great to hold and gives optimum comfort while you work on it. The built is great and comes with high grade plastic material and the screen is glossy that adds to the elegance of the phone and has silver sides with textured finish at the rear.

There are various features in the Samsung Google nexus S like the 3.5 inch display screen that has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and has a TFT capacitive touchscreen. The Google Nexus is built with the accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor etc. It is a slate design that comes in a very attractive black color. It displays 16 million colors. The dimensions are 11.5 x 59.9 x 112.4 and the weight is 113 grams. This is light weight Galaxy mobile that can be kept in the pocket. The operating system of the mobile is Android 2.2 froyo and the processor is ARM 11, while the speed is 800 MHz. the mobile is equipped with word, excel, powerpoint and the document viewer. The mobile price is apt and is affordable.

The Google Nexus S is equipped with a standard Lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 1350 Mah and gives a talk time of 660 minutes on 2G and 390 minutes on 3G. The standby time provided is 640 hours on 2G and 420 hours on 3G. The memory too is excellent and comes with an inbuilt memory of 158 MB and can be expanded with the micro SD up to 32 GB. The mobile runs on 2G and 3G networks and connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/h, Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP.

The other features in the Samsung mobile are the camera, connectivity options, music, and many more. The camera is a 5 MP and comes with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and has features like the LED backlight, geo tagging, smile detection, face detection and various other features. The Samsung Galaxy supports music formats like the MP3, WAV, eAAC+ and video formats like the MP4, H.264, and H.263 formats. The mobile provides access to Maps, calendar, Picasa integration, Gmail, YouTube, Google talk, and Google search.
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Latest Cdma Mobile Handsets

Today online shopping mall is very convenient because they are offering a verity of products with good discount like:

(1). Motorola Mobile Moto RIZR Z3
• Music Player: MP3/AAC/AAC
• Radio: No
• Video Player: No
• Camera: 2MP
• Camera Resolution 1600x1200 pixels
• Flash: Yes
• Video Graphics: Yes
• Telephone Book: 1000 entries
• Call Records: 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
• Card Slot: Yes, microSD (TransFlash)
• Internal memory: 16 MB
• OS Compatibility: No
• Games: Yes
• Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
• Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML
(2). Nokia cdma handsets Model No: 6275 Reliance

• Key Features Slim and classy design
• Large 2" QVGA display in 262,144 colors
• 2 megapixel camera and video recorder with integrated flash and 4x digital zoom in landscape mode
• Integrated FM radio and music player
• Audio and video streaming
• 21MB memory (option to expand up to 2GB with micro SD card support)
• Bluetooth wireless connectivity
• Adjustable brightness and contrast
• User interface: S40 user interface
• 4-way scroll key with center select
• List and grid menu
• Dedicated keys for camera, volume and voice command
• Imaging: Integrated 2 megapixel camera, with up to 4x digital zoom and camera flash
• Video recorder
• Standard, portrait, landscape and night modes
• Video recording and playback
• Print pictures easily with PictBridge
• Multimedia: Playback for the following video formats: H.264 video
• Integrated FM radio
• Integrated music player for MP3/eAAC+/AAC+/AAC formats
• Memory Functions: 21MB Dynamic memory
• Options to expand up to 2GB with micro SD card
• Messaging: Multimedia messaging: MMS for creating, receiving, editing, and sending videos and pictures
• Text messaging: Supports concatenated SMS, SMS distribution list
• Java Applications: Java MIDP 2.0
• Ringing Tones: 64-chord/voice polyphonic MIDI ringing tones
• Supported file formats: MP3, eAAC+, AAC+, AAC
• Connectivity: Pop-Port interface to USB
• Browsing: WAP 2.0 xHTML browser
• Audio and video streaming
• Please note that this service is operator dependent
• Call Management: Speed dialing
• Integrated Handsfree Speaker
• Personal Information Management (PIM) Personal Information Management (PIM) Calendar, contacts, to-do list and notes
• Personal shortcuts
• Power management: Battery Talk time Standby time
• Battery: BL-6C 3 - 4 hrs 144 - 240 hrs
• Operation times vary depending on the network and usage
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